STC is a worldwide strategic combination of well-established education, training, research, support, consultancy and implementation service providers for the entire shipping, port, transport and logistics chain as well as for the port-related oil and chemical industry.

In brief, STC focuses on the following activities: port operations, logistics and warehousing, inland waterway transport, sea shipping, offshore and dredging, sea fisheries, road transport, ship building, safety and dangerous goods, security, process industry, maintenance, simulator training and research and consultancy.

STC owns a state of the art Safety Training Centre which has the perfect location for many types of safety training. It is suitable for several live-saving action training, fire fighting, communication procedures, cargo survey , sampling and gas detection, calamity situation and several practical skill training course. In the field of offshore activities, STC-KNRM is a maritime offshore training centre recognized anywhere in the world. STC-KNRM provides a wide range of OPITO, NOGEPA and OLF approved Offshore safety courses. Most activities are tailor made to the specific requirements of the customers.



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The Netherlands

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